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In Home Custom Care Plan

We understand your loved one’s situation is special, and their care should be as unique as their needs. Realizing you need outside help to care appropriately for your loved one can be difficult. When you select Right at Home to help provide care, you can be assured you'll be treated with respect and compassion. We're thorough, professional, committed and flexible, and we can give you the peace of mind you deserve.


We Support Comprehensive Care that is Tailored to your Loved Ones’s Needs

We create Custom Care Plans to fit your loved one's needs and your requirements. We offer caregiving services that fit almost any family and practically any situation. Our in-home care lets loved ones enjoy healthy lives in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

What to Expect When Starting Home Care

When you call us we'll ask questions to form a basic needs assessment, then set up an in-home visit with you and the rest of your family – including the family member for whom you are seeking care. This in-person visit allows us to learn more about your loved one’s needs, answer questions you have and helps you understand how Right at Home St. Charles can help.

Following our in-home visit, we develop a Custom Care Plan tailored to your loved one's specific needs and make detailed recommendations on services. We then review the Plan with you in detail and modify it as you and your loved one see fit. Once you and your loved one are comfortable with our plan, we'll match your loved one with the right caregiver.

Making a Match: Finding the Right Caregiver for Your Loved One

We hire the most professional and passionate people in the business. Our caregivers are professionals who work hard to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Never has a name been so true as "Right at Home." The service makes a person feel so special and comfortable. Our caregiver is our special angel. This is one of the best companies I have ever seen. They excel at every aspect of their service. Right at home symbolizes caring compassion understanding and full service. Truly they are amazing!

Skeeter, Client

Our caregiver matching aims to match your loved one with the most appropriate caregiver possible by considering numerous factors: services needed, interests, and the personalities of both your loved one and the caregiver. Of course, should you ever have any concerns about a specific caregiver, we can promptly arrange a replacement.

By looking at the whole situation, we’re better able to provide your loved one with the best caregiver possible. Of course, if there are ever any concerns about a specific caregiver, we can search for and provide a replacement in very little time.

Providing Consistently High Quality In-Home Care

Every Right at Home caregiver goes through an extensive interview process, including background and reference checks. Caregivers are trained and bonded/insured before ever caring for a client. Our caregivers participate in our continuous care education programs, to make sure their skills stay sharp and they are up-to-date with the best practices for providing home care.

Our care managers make regular unannounced visits to your loved one’s home to ensure our caregivers are following the Custom Care Plan and that they are being treated with dignity and respect. To provide you with additional peace of mind, our caregivers keep extensive notes about the care they provide. Those notes are kept at your loved one’s home and are available to you at any time.

Delivering the RightCare

RightCare is our unique approach to ensuring your loved one gets the care they need when they need it. We provide exceptional service by focusing on having the right people doing the right things the right way for the right reason. Learn more about our four rights of care:

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