St. Charles, MO
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Why do we support FWM?

Right at Home Corporate introduced Freewheel Chair Mission to franchise owners in early 2017 and we were immediately impressed by the group’s dedication to a problem that we didn’t realized existed. Their motto, “Nobody should have to crawl” is very powerful and spoke to us. We decided that we should help give the gift of mobility.

Free Wheelchair Mission in Costa RicaWhat does it mean for your business to support such a cause?

As leaders in our community, it’s important that we bring awareness locally to this global issue so others can help to be the solution to the problem.

Why should others join you?

There are 100 million people in need of a wheelchair who cannot afford one. In the photo, owners Bruce and Kirsten Pahde(back, right) are joined by other Right at Home owners and corporate staff.

Please visit our sponsor page for more information or to donate.

What are our plans for FWM fundraising and/or events?

For a $5.00 donation, our care team wore pajamas to work just before the holidays. Many of our caregivers gave much more when they realized what Free Wheelchair Mission does.

We also had a drawing for a gift basket, valued at $800. We sold raffle tickets throughout the community and we chose the winner live on Facebook. We raised close to $1,000 through these efforts.

Stay tuned for what we are planning to raise money for Free Wheelchair Mission throughout 2018.

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