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Meet the staff of Right at Home St. Louis 


Right at Home St. Louis Staff 


Barb Madison

Barbara Madison, R.N., B.S.N. and owner of Right at Home of St. Louis is committed to delivering extraordinary in –home care and assistance to individuals who need help to remain independent at home. She received her degree in nursing at the University of Missouri, Columbia more than 35 years ago and draws on her nursing education and experience to provide the safe, quality care she feels her clients expect and deserve.

Navigating through a long term care need in her own family served to fuel her passion for wanting people to have the safety and security that is so important to those who are receiving care and to their loved ones. While her mother was able to provide most of the care for her father at home, as his Parkinson’s and dementia progressed to his needing almost around-the-clock care, it took a serious toll on her mother’s health and well-being. Had there been a Right at Home nearby, she could have gotten the support and assistance she needed so badly. Barbara feels strongly that care partnership between families and Right at Home of St. Louis can greatly enhance the overall quality of not only receiving care but providing care as well. Creative solutions, open communication, and collaboration are the keys to success when establishing and maintaining excellence in home care services and guides Right at Home of St. Louis in our mission to serve.

“My mother has always been an inspiration to me and I am so grateful to have her as an example of not only how to lovingly care for others but also how to be a guardian for ensuring that the quality of their life be honored always.”

Barbara Madison in Her Own Words

Meet Barbara

Meet Barb

We're Here for You

We Are Here for You

The Right Care

The Right Care

At Right at Home St. Louis Central, we want you to feel like family. Barb has taken time to produce three videos to introduce herself and explain the services we offer. We hope you will take a few minutes to get to know us.

Lucinda Denby

Lucinda Denby is the Office Administrative Coordinator for Right at Home. Lucinda has over 23 years in the medical and accounting industry and oversees day to day office operations. She is responsible for the accuracy and integrity of all billing and payroll functions and has earned the admiration and respect of everyone affiliated with Right at Home for her unrelenting attention to detail. Additionally, she has years of scheduling and on call experience with Right at Home. Driven by her passion for helping others Lucinda earned her Medical Assistant Degree in 2010. Whether it is helping someone who has called to inquire about services, initiating service or handling a question about long term care insurance, Lucinda has a heart for helping others improve the quality of life for those we serve. Her personality shines like a bright light and our staff just loves connecting with her. Please reach out to her at or call 314-567-5545.

Ellen Harris

Ellen Harris has been with Right at Home for 6 years and currently serves as a Care Coordinator. Ellen has 18 years of caregiving experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant and Certified Medical Technician which gives her a uniquely personal point of view of the valuable work that our caregivers perform every day. Ellen never compromises on her promise to provide an exemplary home care experience by carefully evaluating our clients’ care needs and properly matching the appropriately skilled caregivers to their care team. She is committed to creating reliable, consistent care teams for each client that enhances the quality of life for both caregivers and clients. Ellen understands that success in home care depends on being a good listener so she can gain insights about individual’s preferences and compatible personality styles. Ellen’s years of experience in caring for others affords her the opportunity to share her expertise with caregivers and she regularly conducts training sessions with caregivers seeking to expand their knowledge of advanced techniques. It is one of Ellen’s greatest joys to mentor and encourage caregivers to advance their skills and she never forgets to acknowledge caregivers for their valuable contributions to our clients. Her caring, compassionate heart and beautiful smile makes caregivers feel appreciated as partners in fulfilling on our agency mission to “improve the quality of life for those we serve”. Ellen can be reached at or by calling 314-567-5545.

Robin Wilson-Badwan

Meet Robin Wilson-Badwan, our Care Coordination Department Manager, who has over 15 years of experience in the home health care industry, and nearly four years of Care Coordination and on-call management experience with Right at Home St. Louis. Robin’s unwavering commitment to reliability and attention to detail, ensures that each individual client can remain independent in their own home and on their own terms. Robin is passionate about being of service to others and maintains high standards for the Care Coordination Department’s performance. She conscientiously monitors client care teams to ensure that we are creating exemplary customer service experiences for our Right at Home clients and caregivers. Robin’s empathy and experience allows her to remain focused on what is best for the client and she possesses creativity in resolving problems and issues when they arise. Robin is quick to volunteer to work on office initiatives to improve our agency processes and believes that striving for continuance improvement is the only way to excel in delivering the vitally important services we provide. She puts her degree in Mass Communications to good use every day in her quest to fulfill on our agency mission to “improve the quality of life for those we serve”. Robin can be reached at or by calling 314-567-5545.

Dawn Landes

Dawn Landes is the Director of Operations for Right at Home (RAH) of St. Louis. She brings over 25 years of experience in marketing, organizational communications, employee engagement and business management to the agency team. After receiving her B.A. in Advertising & Communications from University of Tulsa, she worked for major corporations in the St. Louis area, focusing on client relations, work improvement processes and employee performance and communication. She has also provided communications and marketing services as a partner in a local management consulting firm. Throughout her career, she has applied creativity, effective communications and teamwork to customer service and management issues to achieve the best possible outcome for energized teams and delighted clients. At RAH St. Louis, Dawn is an avid “cheerleader” for the mission and values of the agency, always asking how things can be done better or differently, so that our clients and caregivers continue to have a mutually caring and beneficial experience as members of the RAH family. Dawn can be reached at or by calling 314-567-5545.

Kelly Adams

Kelly Adams is the Human Resources Manager at Right at Home of St. Louis. Kelly obtained her B.A. in Organizational Development in 2007 from Fontbonne University and brings a wealth of experience and upbeat energy to the team in the area of human resources, customer service and training & development. As a member of the Right at Home family, her primary focus is to recruit, hire and create the “RIGHT Team” of caregivers for our clients. Kelly believes the “RIGHT” client and caregiver match begins with a thoughtful hiring decision, followed by ongoing employee engagement and training to support the relationship, ultimately creating the strongest care team possible for each and every client. She is truly passionate about being of service to people and works tirelessly to streamline and create efficiencies in processes, so that the Right at Home culture supports highly functioning teams. If you know a caring, compassionate Caregiver looking to join an amazing team, please have them contact Kelly at or 314-567-5545.

Jody Holborow

Jody Holborow is the Client Relations Director for Right at Home of St. Louis. Jody received a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Kansas State University with post-graduate work in Family Economics and Early Childhood Special Education. Her desire to work with families and the elderly have guided her career, providing years of service to the St. Louis community through development of resources and volunteer services. Jody’s depth of experience in hospice family relations, senior community marketing and Medicare rehabilitation services has given her keen insight to compassionately and confidently assist each individual and their family with identifying their unique home care needs. At Right at Home of St. Louis, she is responsible for community outreach, developing our network of referral partners, and making sure our clients have the best care possible. With a warm and caring personality, her goal is to assist each person by listening to their concerns, answering their questions and helping them so that they can remain independent in their own home. Jody is proud to be part of the RAH team working to improve the quality of life for those we serve. Jody can be reached at or by calling 314-567-5545.

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