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Caregiver of the Year Nominee Jose Johnson

Caregiver Nominee JoseIn 2018, Right at Home of St. Louis nominated Jose Johnson for the National Caregiver of the Year Award within the franchise system. Mr. Johnson was previously honored by VOYCE, an organization that educates and empowers persons and their families for quality living across the continuum of long-term care. The VOYCE award Mr. Johnson received recognized him as one of the "best of the best" caregivers in long-term care in the greater St. Louis area.

The National Caregiver of the Year Award for the Right at Home franchise system honors the company’s top-five nominated U.S. caregivers at their annual meeting. The National Caregiver of the Year award winner receives a number of gifts, including $5,000, an engraved crystal plaque and an all-expense-paid trip for two to the annual meeting.

Qualifications for the Caregiver of the Year award include being passionate about providing extraordinary care to clients — selflessly and professionally serving others while being a motivating team player. Clients and their families notice the above-and-beyond care, and the nominated caregivers receive continual praise and recognition for their outstanding work. Top Right at Home caregivers are nominated and judged based on the following criteria: Character, Client Impact, Brand Ambassadorship, Team Spirit and Professional Development.

We are proud to have Jose as a member of our caregiving team and although he. Johnson did not receive the Right at Home national award this year, you can read about his outstanding contributions to his client and our company in the five nomination categories below.

Nomination Category 1: Character

How would you describe this caregiver to others? What has this caregiver done to deserve such an honor? What character traits does this caregiver have that makes them the best of the best?

Jose Johnson stands head and shoulders above the rest. This strong, outstanding young man has an extraordinary capacity for caring and the ability to deliver that with the utmost gentleness and kindness. He has been an exemplary caregiver from his very first day of onboarding with Right at Home. He asked so many excellent in-depth questions, showing an eagerness to learn and the desire to improve so he could be the best at helping people. That’s also why he became a personal trainer, so he could employ a holistic approach to supporting individuals in their health journey. Meeting clients “where they are” and building on that foundation to develop trust and partnership is one of his special qualities. An example of this happened recently when a new client needed urgent help moving his wife; he just didn’t have the strength. However, his wife was extremely modest and asked for a female caregiver. Jose was the first to answer the call and when we informed the client, they were reluctant. Undaunted, Jose channeled his “Gentle Giant” persona and was able to make her completely comfortable. In fact, they called immediately after he left requesting he come back to work with them.

Nomination Category 2: Client Impact

How has this caregiver positively impacted the lives of clients and their loved ones? How does this caregiver selflessly serve clients and improve their quality of life? What have clients and their loved ones said about this caregiver?

Jose had a tremendous impact improving the quality of life for a husband and wife who had been married for over 60 years. Jose cared for the husband who had Alzheimer’s. The wife was grappling with her own health conditions, while trying to come to terms with her husband’s decline. Although Jose cared for the husband, he quickly became her source of strength and comfort as the disease progressed. Jose paid close attention and devoted time to her as well, listening to concerns and adjusting her husband’s care accordingly. They developed a close bond and when she became widowed, it was only natural for Jose to step in since she had no family in town. Jose eased her through the transition by catering to her needs. He fixed favorite meals, made sure she was “dressed to impress,” and safeguarded her dignity. Most importantly, he reignited her love of art. She had been an accomplished watercolorist in her younger years, and Jose would gather her paint supplies and encourage her to create art once again. Even if she did not feel like painting that day, they would spend time discussing art. It definitely helped put a smile back on her face!

Nomination Category 3: Brand Ambassadorship

How has this caregiver demonstrated their commitment to Right at Home? What has this caregiver said or done to tell others that they are proud to be a caregiver for Right at Home? What community events or causes does this caregiver support?

Jose is our “Go-To Guy.” No matter the circumstances, or how late or last minute we call him, he is always ready to stay over on his shift, pick up an extra shift, split a shift – whatever it takes to accommodate us and the client. “No” does not seem to be in his vocabulary when it comes to serving others and helping Right at Home. He has told us and many other prospective employees, time and again, how working at our company feels like home, like family. He says he has found acceptance within our company where he can truly be himself. His quiet confidence in the face of any situation we throw at him demonstrates just how good he feels about being our “Go-To Guy.” He has stated that the trust we have placed in him motivates him to do more -- and do better. Jose says that more than anything, having someone believe in him and his abilities means the world to him. As a certified personal trainer, Jose is very committed to promoting individual health strategies and healthy living, which is why he is a big supporter of the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

Nomination Category 4: Team Spirit

How does this caregiver interact with their peers, the office staff, and the Franchisee? How has this caregiver influenced others to work as a team? What has this caregiver done to exhibit an “others before self” attitude?

Jose has what people call a “servant heart.” It’s apparent within the first few minutes of meeting him. Humble and soft-spoken with a self-deprecating manner, he is the first person to offer help, even when it is not asked of him. While it’s clear that he loves taking care of people and putting others first, it’s Jose’s passion, strength, kindness and gentle spirit that truly sets him apart. His willingness to mentor other caregivers new to his care team speaks volume about his desire to make things as comfortable as possible for clients without any missteps in quality of service. When he drops by the Right at Home office, he makes a point of visiting with each staff member to say hello and spend a few minutes catching up. This demonstrates how comfortable and open he feels as a member of our team and shows how considerate he is in making sure every person is acknowledged.

Nomination Category 5: Professional Development

How has this caregiver taken the initiative to further their caregiving knowledge? What additional learning opportunities has this caregiver sought out in order to be the best? How committed has this caregiver been to complete all required and elective training?

In addition to his work as a CNA for Right at Home, Jose is a personal trainer who achieved certification through the International Sports Sciences Association. To maintain his ISSA accreditation, he is required to take continuing education courses every year in classes like nutrition and physiology. These classes make him extremely effective as a caregiver who needs to help clients manage their diets and get them moving for increased mobility. His love of learning and personal training has inspired him to pursue a physical therapy degree at a local college, taking classes part-time while he works. In addition, our office has a multi-level Personal Advancement Program for caregivers who wish to increase their knowledge and earn rewards. Caregivers complete the designated coursework and specified number of hours to move up in the program. Jose has been an enthusiastic participant in this program and has already completed half of all the levels offered in little more than a year! He is an outstanding example of someone who strives to be his best and takes personal initiative to increase his knowledge and enhance his skills so that he can provide the best care for his clients.

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