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Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance is an evidence-based, fall prevention program for older adults that has been shown to significantly improve balance and reduce the risk of falls. The program was developed by a team of researchers at the Oregon Research Institute. The program has numerous benefits for persons aged 70 and older, including:

  • Decreasing the Number of Falls
  • Decreasing the Risk of Falling
  • Decreasing the Fear of Falling
  • Improving Functional Balance
  • Improving Physical Performance

Research: Tai Chi is Effective at Preventing Falls

A 2013 National Council on Aging Report demonstrated a 55 percent improvement in the risk of falls for older adults participating in the program compared to a controlled sample group

About Our Program

Our Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance is led by a trained and experienced Tai Chi instructor. The class is provided as 24 1-hour classes over the course of 12 weeks. Each class consists of a warm-up exercise session, the practice of 8 core movements (forms) while standing or seated, and a cool down session.

These classes are provided free of charge by Right at Home to independent and assisted living senior communities, continuous care retirement communities, senior centers, churches and other interested organizations that serve our older adult population. For additional information, call Trish Cooper at (314) 567-5545.

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