2021 VOYCE Caregiver Awards

Lauren Adams — 2021 Beacon of Hope Award Winner

Lauren Adams with the Beacon of Hope RecognitionThe "Beacon of Hope Award" is given to an individual who has shown resilience in caregiving. He or she may have persevered in the face of obstacles, provided solutions to problems when they arise, and overall has a positive attitude. VOYCE, a St. Louis-based nonprofit that advocates for individuals living or receiving long-term care, held their first Celebration for Compassion and Care on Thursday, March 11. The event was held virtually and recognized individuals working in long-term care and within the community who championed VOYCE’s mission in 2020.

Congratulations Lauren!!!

Right at Home St. Louis' Letter Nominating Lauren

From the moment Lauren was hired, she has been an exemplary member of the Right at Home caregiving family. She demonstrates an unparalleled dedication and commitment to doing her best for our company and the client she has taken care of exclusively for the past four years. During this time, Lauren has truly excelled at all facets of caregiving by providing cheerful, compassionate support for her client's recovery from multiple strokes. Lauren is well-loved by her client's family because they say she simply goes "above and beyond their expectations every day."

What first strikes you about Lauren is how she radiates empathy and concern through her delightful and sunny disposition. Her client's family says she shows up genuinely happy to spend time with their mother and be of service every day. It is Lauren's optimistic attitude about life that inspires her client not to give up on things she loves to do even when it may be more challenging. Lauren patiently stays by her client's side, helping her through, as a true companion.

Lauren's dedication has also been recognized by the family many times over. They describe her caregiving approach to be as if she was "caring for own grandmother." She can be counted on to attend all doctor appointments with her client and she takes to heart the care plan to be followed. Lauren makes it a priority to show up for her client, regardless of the weather or personal situation. She has covered last-minute shifts, stayed late and came in early, and faithfully trained any new care team member.

Lauren's unwavering commitment to her client's well-being is demonstrated by her pursuit of stroke-specific training and skills. Several times Lauren’s quick thinking and resourceful actions have prevented her client from sustaining further debilitating stroke damage. It is this watchful concern and thoughtful presence that makes her client's family tell us often that they "trust her implicitly."

Lauren’s commitment to serve has inspired her to pursue even further education, enrolling in nursing school while still holding down a full-time work schedule. In addition, when it was difficult to afford the tuition, she put in the extra effort to apply and receive scholarships that would help her achieve her goals. True to her nature, Lauren is now giving back by tutoring younger nursing students, giving up her weekends to do so. Lauren is truly a “Beacon of Hope,” inspiring all of us to “show up, shine and serve.“

Congratulations Lauren and THANK YOU for your outstanding work!


VOYCE offers advocacy services to the 22,000 individuals who reside in more than 350 skilled nursing, assisted living and residential care communities in Greater St. Louis and northeast Missouri. More than 50% of these individuals have no one to advocate on their behalf.

VOYCE also delivers options to those making long-term care decisions. As the demand for long-term care continues to grow, an estimated 70% of those 65 and older will need long-term care and 43% will spend some time in a long-term care community.

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