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2021 Caring Super Star Award

To qualify we had to have 10 or more reviews and an overall average rating of 4.5 or higher on a 5 point scale, receive 3 or more reviews during the qualifying year with at least one 5 star rating and respond to every negative review ever received. Our owner, Barb Madison, gives some insight into what the award means for a small business.

Caring Super Star 2021 |

What does the award mean for you and your office?

"The Caring Super Star Award is very meaningful to us at Right at Home of St. Louis, because it is the manifestation of our mission fulfilled! The Leadership Team and the Care Providers (caregivers, CNA’s and Professional Nurses) have a shared purpose to “Improve the Quality of Life for those we serve” through demonstration of our values: excellence, going “above and beyond, clear communication, honoring others and creating extraordinary results. When our clients and their families take the time to acknowledge us for providing not only compassionate care, but also, peace of mind – it fills our hearts with happiness. For those who devote their careers and lives to serving others, just knowing that you have made a difference for someone is the greatest reward and keeps you energized and engaged to your work – but when someone acknowledges you publicly, it humbles us, and words cannot describe our gratitude to be afforded the opportunity to share our lives with others."

What did you do, specifically, to earn the award?

"Our nurse case managers simply ask our clients periodically when they make their regular visits if the client or their family would like to submit a review and we are fortunate that many times, they are agreeable to doing it for us. We check-in on our online postings to make sure we are staying current with what our clients are saying about us and respond promptly to any negative reviews that are submitted through the review services. When we read something that takes us by surprise – we talk about it as a team and see if there is a way for us to improve one of our processes to ensure that a service failure is not repeated. When it is appropriate, we follow-up with the client (or reviewer) and clear up any misunderstandings so that we can preserve our valued relationships and keep the lines of communication open. It is important to us that our clients know that their opinions, thoughts, ideas and suggestions matter to us. Online reviews have become the “authority” for many consumers and are helpful to many people in assessing whether or not to pursue engaging with a company or making the decision to purchase a particular product – I, myself, find them beneficial and have come to rely on public opinion for at least part of my decision-making when doing research. We know that what our clients say about us is very powerful and has the ability to influence our future success in our community."

Were you consciously trying to win the award?

"As a locally owned and operated agency that provides the most personal-type of services for members of my community – I am personally invested, along with our Leadership Team and Care Providers, in being the best we can be! We are vigilant in guarding our reputation by acting with integrity and being good stewards of people’s trust. At the end of the day, we want to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and know that we honored our word, to our clients, our care staff, our community partners and to each other. To win the award for the award’s sake is not our goal, but to be able to know that we did the right things, for the right reasons and fulfilled our mission is ever-present for us and guides us in all we do."

What are your thoughts on earning an award that is based on former or current clients’ testimonials?

"It is the highest compliment we can receive – we remember the people that have acknowledged us with a published, public review forever – we share it, revel in it and feel a tremendous sense of pride that we were able to be a positive influence in their lives during what is often a stressful time! Having the person’s heartfelt message in existence on a website gives it tremendous life and credibility. It affirms what we do everyday and keeps us engaged in continuous self-assessment and improvement to reach higher and higher levels of customer satisfaction."

What was your first thought when you learned you had won the award?

"As the owner of the Agency, I was immediately excited for our Leadership Team and Care Staff! They are an inspiration to me as I watch them demonstrate the values and “live the mission” everyday! I know what it means to them for their hard word and dedication to be recognized by the individuals we serve and they deserve all the glory! Often, as human beings who are committed to being extraordinary, we tend to focus on the “gap” – all the things that went wrong (or at least, not quite as we expected) and all the things we didn’t get done, all the times we may have disappointed someone or perhaps fell short of the desired result. We don’t celebrate all the things that we did well, the things that simply went as planned or as expected and all the times when we delivered on our promises in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenges. Being recognized with an award like this – causes them to stop and allow themselves to BE acknowledged – which is a gift that is very personal and meaningful."

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