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Owner, Mike Lawrence

Mike Lawrence

Virginia native Mike Lawrence has spent his career working in management and finance for government agencies. After working for more than a decade at the Universal Service Fund, Mike decided that it was time to fulfill his dream of business ownership.

While looking into franchise concepts, Mike was drawn to the in-home care industry because of his personal experience with loved ones in deteriorating health. As Mike’s grandfather aged and needed more care, his parents moved him into their home.

Mike watched as his grandfather, a brilliant doctor, lost his memory and struggled with his health. It took a toll on his entire family, particularly his parents, who were the primary caretakers.

Through his research, Mike found Right at Home, an in-home care service provider for elderly and disabled adults. Internationally renowned and an industry leader, the choice was clear that for both professional and personal reasons, this was the right business for him. Mike opened his Right at Home in Stafford on November 2, providing the community with a much-needed service and an option his family didn’t have when they were tasked with caring for a sick loved one. His brother, Pete, also just opened his own Right at Home in a neighboring town. They went through the process together, but opened separate locations.

Right at Home Stafford

Mike is Passionate About Helping Community Seniors

Mike's Background

I grew up in Casanova, Virginia, and my parents still live there. I’ve lived in Virginia most of my life except for college, when I went to school in North Carolina. I attended Belmont Abbey College near Charlotte where I earned a degree in business administration. After college, I moved to the northern Virginia/D.C. area for work. For the last 11 years, I’ve been managing a financial operations team for the Universal Service Fund (USF) under the FCC umbrella. The USF collects money from consumers and then allocates those funds to low-income areas, schools, libraries, and programs that cannot afford broadband connectivity. In 2014, they restructured and offered me a different role or a buyout. I took the buyout and decided I didn’t want to return to Corporate America, so I began looking into franchising opportunities.  

Senior Care is Personal for Mike

When I was in college, my grandfather, who was a brilliant doctor and a huge part of my life, was having trouble coping after the death of my grandmother, so he moved into my parents’ home. I saw his health deteriorate as he lost his memory. Not only did this take a toll on him, it took a toll on my parents, as his caregivers, and we eventually had to put him in a retirement home. Although I went to work in finance, I always remembered this experience.

Family and Community 

I am married and have two children, a six-year-old and a five-year-old. I love sports and boating. I hope to get involved in the community through my business as well as through the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

Cassandra Miller — Client Care Coordinator

Care Coordinator

My name is Cassandra Miller and I have been working for Right at home in Stafford, Virginia for a year. I am a Marine wife and a mother of two beautiful children. I recently moved here from Hawaii where I lived for three years in paradise. I am originally from Ohio the Buckeye state!

I have been in health care since the age of 17 starting as a CNA in a Nursing and assisted living facility for several years. I went on to work in a doctor’s office as a medical assistant and receptionist, then pursued my x-ray license and graduated with an Associate degree in applied science in Medical Radiography in 2014. In March of 2019 I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration.

I really love working for Right at Home. Having worked hands on in the healthcare field with all types of people has made me a stronger leader. That experience has allowed me to relate and better serve the clients and employees. I am aware of their specific needs and know what it takes to meet those needs. Our connection is so much stronger because of it!

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