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Meet Steve and Wendy Nowak — Right at Home Stark County Owners

Steve NowakSteve Nowak has a special interest in-home care, having been an in-home caregiver for his mother when she was diagnosed with cancer while he was in college. That’s why when Steve and his wife, Wendy, decided to go into business for themselves in 2008, they looked into in-home care business opportunities in Canton, Ohio, where they both grew up. Now, the family is entering their 10th year of business and plans to continue expanding.

Home Care is Personal to the Nowaks

When Steve Nowak was younger, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. As a college student at the time, he found that taking care of her full time while also working and going to school was exhausting. He had an in-home care company help out with his mom, and help cook and care for him and his siblings. Through his personal experience, Steve learned that good caregivers are important, not just to the person they’re helping, but to the entire family, as well.

Laying the Home Care Pathway

Steve started his own family with his wife, Wendy, and they always talked about owning their own business. In 2008, the time started to feel right, so they looked into a variety of different franchising options. They considered many businesses but kept coming back to Right at Home.

Passing the Care Torch

Today, the Nowaks continuously tell clients that they’re there to take care of the people in need, but that they also take care of the people who take care of the people they’re taking care of, just like Steve was cared for by his mom’s in-home caretaker. The entire family helps out with the business as much as they can, and they hope to continue expanding into new territories in the coming years.

Right at Home Stark County earned the Best Senior Care Agency Caring Stars winner in 2019 and also Best of Home Care Employer of Choice winner in 2019.

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