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Meet the Home Care Team

The Right at Home Sun City Center agency was founded by the Santoro brothers under strong family structure and values, and is continuously committed to provide high-quality in-home care and assistance for our clients in Hillsborough and Manatee counties, Florida, and to be actively involved with support groups and local communities.

We seek to deliver the best experience to seniors and families in need through our unique initial assessment, our close and careful care management, and our commitment to hire, train and retain the most professional and passionate caregivers in the business.

Right at Home is a national brand formed by a Corporate office in Omaha,NE and more than 500 offices nationwide and in several other countries, providing quality in-home care and assistance for seniors and disabled adults for nearly 20 years. Through our Right Care philosophy of dedication and excellency, and with exclusive partnerships with Harvard Medical School and Philips for research and development, Right at Home is committed to improve the quality of life for those we serve.

Victor Santoro, Owner/Executive Director

Victor SantoroVictor Santoro has been a Medical Doctor since 2001. Since younger years in middle and high school he’s been profoundly passionate about math and sciences, and graduated from a high ranking international medical school, being frequently honored with highest scores and awards.

Doctor Santoro worked as a primary and emergency care physician for 2 years, and Specialized in Nuclear Medicine Radiology in 2005, with focus on Diagnostic Oncology. Head of nuclear medicine departments in 3 different clinics between 2006 and 2015, founded an in-company committee in 2011 to improve technical staff labor conditions, and in 2012 founded a software development company focused on education and rehabilitation.

After personal life events in the last few years - including the loss of his grandmother to lung cancer and severe Alzheimer’s disease, and surviving a near fatal car accident - Doctor Santoro had a deep change in perspective about life, which guided him towards simplicity, spirituality, compassion, and the improvement of the human condition and quality of life. Since then, he started deeply believing he needs to apply all his skills and experience to help people that can’t help themselves.

He finally decided to join the Right at Home family in 2014, and a few months later founded the Sun City Center agency with his brother Vagner, where he’s currently responsible for the care management, initial assessments, customer service, and quality assurance.

Meet Victor Santoro, Owner of Right at Home Sun City Center


Vagner Santoro, Owner/Business Director

Vagner Santoro graduated in 2001 in Marketing Administration from one of the largest Universities in Brazil, with extensions in Financial Math and Business Development.

In 2001, Vagner founded a successful consulting company abroad, responsible for providing marketing resources and business intelligence to larger and well-established chemical companies, and in 2008 founded a logistics company as a strategic business unit, responsible for intelligent distribution solutions for the mining industry.

Married for almost 20 years to his dedicated wife, and blessed father of two daughters, Vagner has always been guided by a desire to share knowledge and personal time to help people. Since 2002 he’s been an active member of the local community, of several HOA administration boards, and of a committee to eradicate the use of asbestos in the construction sites, where he played a key part in advancing the quality of life for local families.

Destiny intervened, and Vagner decided to join his brother Victor in starting a new Right at Home agency in Sun City Center, where he strongly believes his dedication, hard work and connection with trustworthy partners will help change the industry standards towards faster and better responses to clients’ needs. He’s currently responsible for business administration and compliance, training, marketing and business development, in close relationship with trusted providers and local partners.

Tracey Codrington, Director of Nursing

Tracey Codrington was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands. She graduated in 2001 as a Nurse from University of the Virgin Islands, USVI, where she was also Vice president of nursing class in 2005. Since graduation, she took multiple roles in Clinical, Epidemiological and Educational settings in several health organizations - like Tampa General Hospital (2004 to 2008), Ace Travel Nursing (2008 to 2014), and Herbert Grigg Nursing Home (2003), among others.

Tracey has been working as a Registered nurse in the Tampa Bay Area since 2004, having gathered vast experience and reputation in Epidemiology and Critical Care units, such as Burns, plastic surgery, open heart and colorectal surgery units, and post trauma. During this period, she took on many different responsibilities, such as patient admissions, monitoring, and discharge planning; nursing staff and grad students supervision; implementation and updating of hospital policies and procedures; quality improvement measures; wound care, medication administration and ICU step down assignments; coordination of educational activities and health fairs for students and staff; and patient/family education on various topics.

She also has travel assignments as far South as Miami, and as far North as Gainesville, but also out of State assignments in California and Texas. Whilst she has worked with many different populations, her primary area of work is with adults both middle aged and geriatrics, where she feels most rewarded.

When she was invited to become Director of Nursing at Right at Home Sun City Center in 2015 she promptly accepted, recognizing that would present her greater challenges and responsibilities in an organization whose goal is to improve the quality of life of seniors and disables adults. She is responsible for field staff supervision, quality assurance procedures, emergency planning, and company compliance.

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