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Monthly Client Visits With Director of Nursing

Right at Home offers a FREE initial assessment and monthly supervisory visits with our Director of Nursing for all our regular clients.

During this brief visit, the Nurse will perform a clinical interview and health check that commonly takes less than an hour, where she can detect early changes in medical condition, but also review the most recent medical reports, medication schedules and take vitals.

In case the Nurse comes across any areas of concern after this process, she will promptly communicate with our office and with all responsible parties (client, family member or health surrogate) to ensure appropriate action is taken, such as:

  • Adjusting the Home Care Plan – frequency and/or level of care
  • Recommending Skilled Care – like Physical or Occupational Therapy
  • Suggesting safety upgrades to the home – like bedrails, a bedside commode or a shower bench
  • Requesting a closer follow up appointment with the client’s doctor
  • In more critical and acute cases, calling the Emergency / 911 and interacting with paramedics before they take the client to the ER or Urgent Care.

Caregiver Supervision and Performance Assessments

During the same visits, our Director of Nursing will also routinely evaluate our caregivers’ performance at work, to ensure they are doing a great job for our clients at all times, including:

  • Review their time and attendance
  • Review their handwritten care notes in the client’s home care record
  • Check their dress code and safety gear
  • Listen to their feedback about any health or safety concerns.

All of these benefits are instantly available at no additional cost to all our regular clients, upon their approval. For more information, please call our Office (813)800-2273 or email

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