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Alzheimer's and Dementia Specific Caregiver Training 

Alzheimer's and Dementia TrainingIn order to provide the absolute best care for our clients suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia, Right at Home caregivers are required to go through Alzheimer's/Dementia specific training.

Improving the quality of life for these clients takes specific knowledge on the disease they are living with. Although Right at Home of Sylvania & Toledo caregivers are already experienced on the subject, it is important to continue to improve their knowledge and abilities.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Training

Training and Education

The training and education consists of six parts:

  1. Skills assessment test
  2. Round table test results discussion
  3. 10 things to remember
  4. Helpful tips and reading a letter written by an Alzheimer's patient
  5. Role play
  6. 101 things to do with an Alzheimer's client to stimulate their mind

Skills Test and Results Discussion

Each caregiver is given a skills assessment test on the subject (Alzheimer's Disease and dementia) and then a round table is conducted to discuss their answers. This allows open communication between each Right at Home caregiver and the Right at Home office staff.

10 Things to Remember

We then discuss 10 things to remember when working with a person living with Alzheimer's/dementia including topics: not rushing them; not becoming frustrated when the patient is often already frustrated at their own loss of memory; asking if they remember something; telling them they're wrong about something; not reminding them that a loved one is deceased; not bringing up other upsetting topics. 

Alzheimer's and Dementia Training

Helpful Tips and Letter Reading

Our discussions go into further detail such as troubleshooting bath time and providing several helpful suggestions on how to accomplish this task. Creating emotion and understanding of the client and what they're feeling is an important aspect of the training, therefore we read a letter written by an Alzheimer's patient so the caregivers experience the client's view — tears are often shed during this time as this is such an overwhelming disease.   

Role Play

Role play helps the caregivers to practice scenarios regarding common Alzheimer's and Dementia Trainingsituations they may encounter while working with an Alzheimer's client.  We discuss common conversation starters to ease uncomfortable situations while gaining knowledge about the client. 

101 Ways to Stimulate the Mind

Lastly we discuss 101 things you can do with an Alzheimer's client to stimulate their minds. This provides valuable information and the feedback between caregivers is always a helpful learning experience.

Monthly Training for Right at Home of Sylvania and Toledo Caregivers

Each month Right at Home trains and discusses a new topic with our caregivers to better serve our clients.

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