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We Appreciate Our Caregivers

The foundation of our operation is built on a friendly and welcoming culture that promotes responsiveness and support above all else for our employees. We value our caregivers as though they are family. We strive to improve the quality of life for our caregivers and the clients we serve.

Graphic announcing May Caregiver of the Month, Norma P.

August Caregiver of the Month - Gina S.

We are thrilled to be able to honor Gina this month. She is in Natalie our Staffing Coordinator’s words, “A real trooper, willing to stay later if someone is running late, always arriving early, and is flexible with her schedule to accommodate her client and coworkers schedules.” Gina is a true professional very committed to her calling as a caregiver and a team player with excellent communication with other caregivers on her 24-hour cases. She has been with many clients during the end of life and their families have expressed their thankfulness that she was there with them. We are lucky to work alongside Gina.

Graphic showing Tamala Richter as May Rookie of the Month

August Rookie of the Month - Emma D.

Congratulations Emma on being chosen as the August Rookie of the Month! Your clients and families consider you “a real treasure” and we feel richer just having you on the team. Emma’s compassion, integrity, and wiliness to work weekends and evenings are a welcome addition to our team. Not only is Emma kind and gentle but she is also very organized and uses these skills to help her clients. Thank you, Emma.

Graphic announcing May Caregiver of the Month, Norma P.

July Caregiver of the Month - Lorie

Congratulations Lorie on being honored as the July Caregiver of the Month! Our Client Care Coordinator, Michelle is so impressed with your dedication to your clients in some very challenging situations. You are a Rock Star and your clients appreciate all the ways you go above and beyond every day you are with them. The world needs more people like you, you make it a better place.

Graphic showing Tamala Richter as May Rookie of the Month

July Rookie of the Month - Lily Beth H.

Introducing our July Rookie of the Month- Lily. Lily is joy in a bottle! She is very enthusiastic and eager to continue to learn and grow in her caregiving career. Caring for her grandfather gave her a heart for the elderly and set her on her caregiving journey. Lily is a real go-getter and when not scheduled she will text to see where we can use her. We are very grateful she chose Right at Home.

Graphic announcing May Caregiver of the Month, Norma P.

June Caregiver of the Month -Claudia G.

What can we say about Claudia our June Caregiver of the Month? These are just a few of the words our Staffing Coordinator Natalie and her clients have used to describe her, “nothing short of amazing”, “Sweet, did I say sweet? Very, very sweet.”, “Compassionate and caring”. Not only is Claudia sweet but she is also a real go-getter and her clients love her. She is always accepting shifts and concerned that everyone has the care they need. Claudia has excellent communication with the office, client families, and other caregivers on the case. We are truly blessed to have Claudia on our team.

Graphic showing Tamala Richter as May Rookie of the Month

June Rookie of the Month - Helen G.

Helen may be new to our team but she is not new to Caregiving. As a seasoned CNA, she is bringing years of experience to our team. Helen was able to step right in and take on total care cases and do an excellent job. She is a great communicator and leader, getting other caregivers on the case on board and in sync with the care plan. We are excited to see what the future holds for Helen.

Graphic announcing May Caregiver of the Month, Norma P.

May Caregiver of the Month - Norma P.

This month we are recognizing Norma Payan as Caregiver of the month. Norma is a caregiver with a true heart to serve. She has been with us for five years and we have seen her continued devotion to her clients, even in some very challenging situations. We can’t say how much we appreciate and admire her.

Graphic showing Tamala Richter as May Rookie of the Month

May Rookie of the Month - Tamala R.

Tamala Richter is the May Rookie of the Month. Tamala is new to the caregiving profession but that hasn’t stopped her from jumping in with both feet. Her kind and compassionate heart and willingness to serve has made her a favorite with her clients. Or maybe it’s the delicious treats she bakes them. Welcome to the team Tamala!

Caregiver in maroon scrubs

April Caregiver of the Month - Elizabeth M.

Each month we are excited to recognize one of our amazing caregivers, and it is always difficult to pick just one. This month we are recognizing Elizabeth Mills who has been called a “Ray of Sunshine” by her clients. She is warm, caring and always goes above and beyond with her clients. She is known to help organize their homes and is always supplying the care team and families with detailed updates. Elizabeth is a LVN and we are so happy to have her on our team.

Graphic image announcing April Rookie Caregiver of the Month

April Rookie of the Month - Juanita F.

Congratulations to Juanita Flores for being selected as Rookie of the month. While Juanita is new to the team, you would never know it, compassionate and caring, she gives each client her all. Client Care Coordinator, Michelle Saas, says “Juanita is a great addition to the team, she is ready to go where needed and gives her best to each client even with this being her second job, she is tiredless.”

 We Love Our Caregivers announcing Crystan Stevens as Caregiver of the Month

March Caregiver of the Month - Crystan S.

We are proud to announce our Caregiver of the Month for March, Crystan Stevens. Crystan is a long-time caregiver for Right At Home and we are so happy to honor her this month for all her years of hard work! Crystan is a wonderful caregiver, always there for her clients, going up and beyond, reliable, consistent, month over month for four years. She makes us look so good and we are grateful.

caregiver in scrubs wearing a nametag

March Rookie of the Month - Tiana L. 

Tiana Faletui Leituala has been a wonderful addition to our team! She is a great caregiver who the clients just love. We appreciate her years of experience and caregiving and personal care skills. Tiana is always responsible, clocking in on time and smiling. She has been a real team player picking up shifts and helping out as much as she is able. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight.

We Love Our Caregivers Image announcing Melonie Nunez as Caregiver of the Month

February Caregiver of the Month - Melonie N.

We are thrilled to announce Melonie Nunez as our February Caregiver of the Month! Melonie creates raving fans in her clients. She knows what needs to be done before anyone can even ask. Melonie is always on time, hardworking, very caring, and compassionate. A client's family member told Natalie our Staffing Coordinator that “all those little things Melonie did to keep my mom comfortable, didn’t go unnoticed, we are very grateful”. Thank you for your fabulous care.

Caregiver, Brianne, in maroon scrubs

February Rookie of the Month - Brianne P.

Welcome to the team Brianne Preister and congratulations on being awarded February Rookie of the Month. Thank you for being so flexible and working around your family’s schedule to be there for your clients. Your compassion and caring heart along with your willingness to help and take last-minute shifts make you a real rising star. We are lucky to have you on the team.

photo of January Caregiver of the Month - Belen San Angel

January Caregiver of the Month - Belen San Angel

Belen San Angel is our January Caregiver of the Month. She had been an angel always willing to take a shift and make sure our clients are cared for, even on short notice. With everything that is happening with COVID, her flexibility is greatly appreciated. Our Client Care Coordinator, Michelle knows she can always count on Belen to provide amazing care.

photo of January Rookie of the month, Emily Sawyer

January Rookie of the Month - Emily Sawyer

Introducing our Rookie of the Month, drum roll, please ……Emily Sawyer. Emily has a heart of service for seniors and our country. Emily is a retired marine with a passion for caregiving. We are so excited to have her on our team!

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