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The Greater Twin Cities Office of Right at Home is a locally owned and operated franchise office of Right at Home Inc., a senior home care and staffing company providing care since 1995. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We do that by providing high quality in-home caregivers to serve you.

Bob and Paul

Bob Paul

For many years Bob and Paul have felt a strong calling to serve the community in a more significant manner than their church and volunteer involvement. Both had lifelong experiences with seniors in need of assistance. Bob worked in a hospital/nursing home as an adolescent, and Paul provided companionship and chore services for an elderly widow through all of his teen years. Both have impacted the lives of elderly neighbors and employees as adults. This background combined with the further inspiration of Bob's mother, a retired nurse who worked as a companion in the industry, helped the two decide to investigate their ability to provide this type of care and assistance to a wider community on a full-time basis. After months of investigation, Right at Home became the clear choice. The Mission of improving the quality of lives of those we serve hit the core of what they were searching for.  Since 2001, they have been fulfilling that mission in the Twin Cities.

Prior to starting Right at Home Twin Cities, Bob and Paul spent the majority of their careers in management positions. Bob spent 17 years managing stores for Kwik Trip, Inc. a convenience store chain based in LaCrosse, WI. Most recently, Bob has worked in the accounting department at Barrett's Moving and Storage of Eden Prairie, MN. For the last 3 1/2 years, Paul had been a manager and consultant with BORN, a leading e-business consultancy headquartered in the Twin Cities. Previously, he worked as a staffing coordinator and operations manager for Jeane Thorne, Inc. a premier administrative staffing company headquartered in the Twin Cities. Paul graduated with a BA in Religion from Luther College in Decorah, IA and has completed coursework at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, IA and Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Mary's Hospital in Green Bay, WI.

Currently, in addition to operating Right at Home.  Paul and Bob are very involved in the community.

Paul serves as President of the National Parkinson Foundation of Minnesota, Treasurer of the Minneapolis Area Senior Workers Association, Board of Training to Serve, Board of Twin Cities Quorum, Minnesota Chapter of National Private Duty Association, Group Facilitator for the Alzheimers Association, and sings and serves on the Board of the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus.  Bob is an active volunteer at Allina Hospice.

Who We Are

Ranked Number 1 Star Tribune Top 150 Workplaces

As you are deciding on a company to provide care for your senior family member, one of the most important factors to consider is who is managing their care.  We are particularly proud of our exceptional team and their continual dedication and commitment. Listed as one of the Top Places To Work for TEN years in a row by the Star Tribune says it all.

Meet our extraordinary management team!

Julie Ellingson - Lisa Meiners - Debbie Malone - Marc Spencer


Kim Stender, Client and Community Relations Director


Kim Stender is strongly motivated and committed to helping and caring for those who can’t help themselves at home. Having suffered a debilitating stroke herself, she knows what it’s like to not be able to take care of everyday tasks. This experience has given her the compassion and commitment she knows others deserve.

Clients appreciate her sensitivity, responsiveness, and sense of humor. Kim knows that everyone loves to laugh and will do better in a positive environment, and they also appreciate her genuine interest in them. A favorite aspect of this fulfilling work is hearing her clients’ varied life stories and dreams. As Kim says, "People like to talk about themselves, and I like to listen." Her passion is learning about people and finding the perfect caregiver for each client’s unique needs.

Kim began her involvement with Right at Home in 2007 by purchasing her own franchise in the northwestern area of the Greater Twin Cities area. She did this as a way to pay back those who helped her during her recovery from her stroke, by ‘paying it forward.’ In 2017, Kim decided to forgo the “day to day” activities of owning a business and merged her business with Right at Home, Bloomington. By doing this, Kim said she was “able to make sure my clients continued to receive the best possible care and my caregivers remained a part of a company that really values and respects their caregivers.” Kim now stays busy making sure everyone knows what in-home care can do to improve the quality of life for themselves or a loved one. She is also actively involved in a training program for all our caregivers to ensure every caregiver we place in a home is properly trained in whatever task may be asked of them.

Kim is also a Master Trainer for the Dementia Live™ Experience. Dementia Live™ is an innovative program designed by a team of experts in the areas of dementia, sensitivity and awareness, and professional development from the nationally recognized AGE-u-cate® Training Institute.  

Using specialized gear within a safe, experiential setting, Dementia Live™ provides participants a real-life simulation of what it must be like to live with dementia. Participants gain greater awareness and understanding of the constant 24/ 7 struggles affecting persons with dementia. This greater understanding leads to more sensitive care partnering.

Kim loves to volunteer at her church and has held various board positions at Victory Lutheran Church, including Financial Secretary, Fellowship Director, and Outreach Director. She has also taught Sunday school, sings in the church choir, and has been a Facilitator for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Course.

Three internationally adopted children, including one with multiple special needs, keep her busy, and she loves spending time with them and friends, as well as helping others enjoy the lighter side of life.


Julie Ellingson, Licensed Social Worker


“I think it’s marvelous that I can actually make a living by continuing to do something I have enjoyed my entire life,” says Julie about her love for her career. She was born with a desire to serve other people, and she uses her talents everyday to help clients and strengthen our Right at Home team.

Julie received her B.S. degree in Social Work from Southwest State University and has also received “English as a Second Language Training” from the Minnesota Literacy Council. Her education has enabled her to help people receive care while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. “Satisfaction in my work comes from getting out to meet people in their own environment because they are more themselves in their own space versus an institutional setting,” says Julie. “I consider it a privilege to be able to learn from them, about them, and about their needs in the intimate home setting. When clients want to stay in their own homes or apartments, it is very rewarding to put services and resources in place to make that happen.”

Julie has enjoyed being part of our Right at Home team since 2002 because of the fun, positive and supportive working environment, high standards and a team that works well together. She likes working for a home care agency that serves people from all walks of life and all income levels.

When Julie is not working with clients, she is still very busy! “I am an adventurous person, a traveler, and have many hobbies and interests that revolve around creating things,” says Julie. Her hobbies include cooking, embroidery, cards, soap-making, as well as physical activities such as kayaking, dragon boat paddling, bicycling and water aerobics. She also loves to read, go to movies, and enjoy the arts.

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Lisa Meiners, Quality Assurance

LisaAfter working in a stressful industry that seemed to be unfulfilling, Lisa knew she wanted a major change. She felt that she would like working with seniors because she has always enjoyed being around them, and she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. She came to our team in 2003 and quickly fell in love with the clients and the Right at Home team, and she has been a blessing to us ever since!

“I love helping other people, and I love hearing the stories about the lives of our clients,” says Lisa. “Each one is unique and fascinating, and I love learning from the life experiences they share.”

Lisa appreciates the time that she is able to spend improving the lives of clients, and she appreciates the Right at Home staff as well. “I feel like I make a difference and work with people who want to do the same,” shares Lisa. “I really appreciate, respect and care for my coworkers who are some of the most generous, kind people I have ever met. I love that owners Bob and Paul hold their work to such a high standard that our company is respected by those who have worked with us and for us.”

Lisa’s childhood strengthened her love for helping others. “I am the oldest of nine children, so I think I was meant to be a caregiver,” shares Lisa. In her spare time, Lisa loves to learn new things to keep life interesting!

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Debbie Malone, Staffing Assistant & Receptionist

DebbieDebbie started with Right at Home – Twin Cities and South Suburbs in December of 2001 as a Caregiver. She joined the office staff in 2013 and brings her caregiving experience to the team. (Photo coming soon);

Debbie worked as a dental assistant for many years.

Debbie loves going to the Right at Home group events so that she can get to know Caregivers better and spend more time with fellow staff members. “My favorite part of being on the Right at Home team is feeling that I’m making a difference while working with such a great staff,” says Debbie. “It’s a very close company, and they are like my family! They all make Right at Home a fun place to work.”

When she’s not in our office or working with a client, Debbie is busy keeping up with her family. Debbie's commitment to our clients and caregivers is a tremendous asset to everyone and makes her a valuable part of the Right at Home team!


Marc Spencer, Staffing Coordinator


Marc began working with the franchise of Right at Home in the Northwestern Twin Cities in 2012, where he was hired as a Billing Specialist. His role quickly expanded to include all facets of operation, including customer service, staffing, payroll, and billing. When the decision was made in late 2016 to merge the Northwestern Right at Home office with Bloomington Right at Home, it was an easy decision for Marc to accept their offer and join the team at the Bloomington office. 

Marc has a long history of working in customer service. “I enjoy being the middle man representing a company and their customers and their employees,” he explains. “So, when I can coordinate scheduling that helps seniors and vulnerable adults get the help they need, it is satisfying knowing that my part in the process was an important contribution to making that happen.” 

Marc loves working with Right at Home because of the office environment. “The staff at the Bloomington Right at Home office are top notch. It has been a pleasure to join this group.  I love the teamwork and comradery that exists in the office,” he says. “It shows in the level of care we provide in servicing our clients.”   

Marc is an avid bicycler who has been commuting to work by bicycle year-round since 2008.  Since joining our office in Bloomington, his commute has increased to 16 miles one-way, so biking to work has become a bit more challenging than in the past.  Still, he manages to bike most days.  Marc and his wife Pat also bicycle for leisure. Pat is a triathlete, so summers are filled with training rides and (for Marc) leisurely dips in a local lake while Pat trains. They also enjoy local eateries and tap rooms, favoring small, out-of-the-way establishments throughout the city.  Marc also enjoys live music, fishing, and cooking.

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