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Read What Clients and Families are Saying About Right at Home Uptown, NYC

Others that have been in a similar situation of looking for in-home care for themselves or their loved one have written about their experiences with us. Seeing what they have written about their experience may help you in your search for home care.

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Our Clients Say It Best...

"This was my first time to use a home care provider, having recently undergone a complicated surgery. Right at Home was absolutely first rate. The efficiency and flexibility with which the management arranged my home care, and the way they communicated my needs to their staff was exceptional. The caregivers were great at their work (I was a fall risk as well), and the dedication and commitment they demonstrated towards me and the whole medical situation was impressive. Further, the caregivers were warm and kind. All arrived on time, were highly responsible, and well prepared to deal with my medical needs. I’ve written very few reviews this positive in my life, and I would absolutely engage them again. Definitely five stars out of five."

Current Client

"We have used Right at Home for several months now and they have been consistently reliable and responsive to our in home care needs. Our aide has been caring and helpful. During a difficult period, the aide was instrumental in problem solving a situation. Furthermore, they have been extremely flexible as our needs shifted. They even managed to provide safe care throughout the challenges of a pandemic. I would recommend them without hesitation."

Current Client

"When my mom needed help, she needed it fast! And I'd never been in charge of anything like this before. Right at Home was as fast as I needed, and kind and clear in explaining things to me. Over the past seven months, my mom has had a number of their caregivers. I've liked them all and my mom finally really hit it off with one of them and is settled happily with having a caregiver. Right at Home has always been professional, friendly and patient with me. My mom can be a little difficult, but we've found her happy match. Thank you Right at Home!"

Current Client

"Dealing with children and a parent with dementia has been extremely difficult. I figured having strangers taking care of my sick mother would be even more daunting, however, after a few initial hiccups, Right at Home made the process much easier than expected. The Aides are polite and respectful, (constantly in communication with me), the nurse is accessible, and the office responds to requests in a timely manner. I would recommend this agency to anyone in the market."

Current Client

"It has been a few months since my mother-in-law passed. We are grateful to Right At Home and the lovely caregivers. The aids even check on the family today! Thanks Right At Home"

Former Client

"I've worked with other agencies in the past and what sets this agency apart is the compassion and care the home health care aides show to my dear aunt. She is bedridden and needs full-time care. In addition to taking care of all the basic needs, they take time to get to know her. Having that kind of attention really makes a difference in her overall health and well-being. What I appreciate most is that her caregivers continue to show up to work throughout this pandemic. They get an A+ in my book."

Current Clients

caregiver companion with senor caregiver companion with senor

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A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.
A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"My dad had been resistant to home companions in the past so I was very nervous how he would react to the Right at Home caregivers. They immediately put my worries to rest. They were very gentle and nonthreatening and were able to get my dad up in the morning and take him to his day program even when he didn't want to go. It meant a lot that the caregivers agreed to meet with me prior to their first visit to my dad and I liked reading the visit log the caretakers filled out each day. "

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"Right at Home was able to provide dignity, caring and thoughtfulness through the end of my mother's life. The dependable caregiver was friendly, compassionate and respectful with our entire family! I have recommended Right at Home to several friends and will continue to do so with others as the need arises."

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"We have been exceptionally pleased with the services provided by Right at Home ... They have provided education-based care to a loved one with advancing dementia with dignity and respect."

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"Personal health caregivers are often the only people with whom we may come in contact with extended period of time. Often our ailment or afflictions keep us isolated from friends and family we might otherwise see more often. And so in a way, it magnifies the effect these people and agencies they represent; have upon our well being; the very way we feel while they are here to assist us. Right at home workers are both highly professional and caring. I feel lucky to have them as part of my personal care team."

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"The caregivers are so nice ... They just help us with anything we need. The office staff is also great. I appreciate that they always return phone calls timely."

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"These caregivers make it possible for my husband and I to stay in our home. I'm so thankful for Right at Home and their caregivers."

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