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Senior Nutrition--Right at Home Uptown New York City Meal Preparation Services

Although fresh groceries provide value for the price and meal kits are convenient, they require the use of a stove and some level of preparation. As mobility becomes an issue, eating well and maintaining good nutrition can be a struggle as we age. An alternative to stocking up on prepackaged frozen meals could be working with a homemaking caregiver who has knowledge and experience in geriatric nutrition-- nothing as extravagant as hiring a personal chef, but you and/or a loved one will have someone who can tailor meals to their liking and needs.

How Meal Preparation Service Works for Our Clients

When you call our office, we begin considering the specific needs of you and/or your loved one. We ask questions to form a basic needs assessment on the initial call, then set up a visit to devise a Custom Care Plan tailored to you or your loved one's specific needs. If nutrition is part of the care plan, we would explain the specific dietary needs with the assigned caregivers and make sure arrangements are made accordingly.

We have clients who may call to inform the caregiver on what they want for their meals that day / week; our caregivers will then shop for groceries and prepare the meals as requested. Clients can also request meetings once per week for four to five hours, so our caregivers can prepare a week's worth of meals.

The pre-cooked meals stay good in the fridge for a week, but we are cautious about food safety. All meals prepared by our caregivers are packaged properly, more perishable items, such as meat, will stay frozen in the freezer. When it's time to eat, our clients just need to microwave; no stove is necessary. Contact Right at Home Uptown New York City today to find out more about our meal preparation services! We are dedicated to help you and/or a loved one to eat well, stay healthy, and feel great right at home!

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