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Smart Sole - Technology With Dignity

As a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer's, other dementias, Autism, or other cognitive disorders wandering can be a challenge. With advances in wearable technology, monitoring and real-time tracking can happen without sacrificing dignity. Smart Sole is a great tool to keep loved ones safe without intruding on personal space.

See show Smart Sole's wearable technology provides peace of mind to Patti as she cares for her husband with dementia.


  • Available in 2 adjustable sizes
  • Water-resistant & Ergonomic
  • Inductive Charging System
  • Call-to-Locate On Demand Updates
  • Concierge Services with LifeButton24

How Does It Work?

SmartSole GPS tracking
  • the GPS SmartSoles® look and feel like regular insoles, free from the stigma of "lock on" bracelets.
  • GPS SmartSole® combines a miniaturized GPS device and cellular communicator to send coordinates. Use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to go online and view the location history on a map. Just login to the online portal, no additional software is needed.
  • Download the free Smart Locator mobile app for access to the location of loved ones with the touch of a button.
  • Your GPS SmartSoles® can be programmed to send alerts by text or email. Alert options include the crossing of a geographic boundary, power on or off, and even low battery.
  • Place the SmartSole on the charging pad for 2 hours every few days, and ensure the soles are worn by your loved one.

"I love this product and really believe in it. As a retired cop I know how valuable it can be. I spent plenty of time taking reports from families who had an elderly relative with dementia or a child with Autism who was missing. There were countless times where a product like this becomes so valuable." Tom, Retired Police Officer

Next Steps

Right at Home is here to assist with the wellbeing and safety of your loved one. Technology and our home care services are customized for each individual's specific needs. Our free in-home care assessment is comprehensive and is the first step to a safer life, right at home.

GPS Enabled Smartsole, Free In-Home Assessment

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