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A caregiver wearing a mask watches as her client plays the piano. A caregiver wearing a mask watches as her client plays the piano.

Caregivers Are The Heart and Soul of Right at Home

Right at Home Slidell's mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We succeed through teamwork and having the best caregivers in the industry. Their professionalism, training, compassion and commitment to our clients and our clients' loved ones is unparalleled and we appreciate all they do. Every year, every month, every day we appreciate our outstanding Caregivers who are going above and beyond to create an amazing experience for our clients in Slidell and its surrounding areas. We truly value our outstanding people. Who knows, maybe a career as a caregiver is right for you!

Shout Out to Grace Welsh!

Right at Home Washington-St. Tammany caregivers are unparalleled in the homecare industry. Here's a "Shout Out" to Grace Welsh for always showing up, stepping up, and making sure her clients are give the care and compassion they deserve. We're all proud of you!

Right at Home Slidell

A Higher Level of Care

Right at Home Slidell Caregiver of the Month Chelsea Crandle

Chelsea Crandle was named "Caregiver of the Month" for going above and beyond to ensure her seniors are well cared for. Congratulations! Your care and compassion is extraordinary.


Shout Out to Monica Wilson!

Our caregivers routinely take their care and concern for clients personally. Here's a "shout out" to Monica Wilson for her dedication and hard work caring for clients. She is there for her clients, even on short notice. A great example of a great caregiver!

Right at Home Slidell Caregiver

Extraordinary Care to Clients

Right at Home Slidell Caregiver of the Month Grace Welsh

Congratulations Grace Welsh for being named our "Caregiver of the Month!" We are so proud of the hard work, professionalism, and compassion you show our clients each and every day.


Valentine's Day Celebration!

Our caregivers are the center of Right at Home Slidell's culture. They fulfill our mission to "improve the quality of life for those we serve." They develop caring and authentic relationships with clients. They train hard and put maximum effort into caring for our seniors and adults with disabilities. They are appreciated more than they know!

We invited caregivers to join us in the office for a special Valentine's Day treat – a thank you with love. "We would not be successful in business or providing care if not for our extraordinary team of caregivers and care teams," said Harry Spring, owner of Right at Home Slidell. "We invest in our caregivers and they invest their time in our community. I could not be prouder. Thank you!" Caregivers Chelsea Crandle, Amy Fairburn, Crystal Dupart, Latricia Francis, and more received Valentine's Day gifts in appreciation of who they are as caregivers, people, and professionals.

Right at Home Slidell Caregivers are Celebrated with Valentine's Day Festivities
Caregivers Celebrate with Valentine's Day Festivities at Right at Home Slidell
Valentine's Day is a Perfect Time to Celebrate Caregivers at Right at Home Slidell
Right at Home Slidell's Caregivers are a Gift from Above and We Celebrate Them!

Welcome to the Team!

Right at Home Slidell is proud to welcome our new caregivers

Right at Home Slidell is excited to welcome our first class of new hires in 2023! Welcome caregivers C-Monie Cooper, Shanice James, Delisa Crockett, and KeiLee Barnett.