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Join Jeanette Palmer, Jim Wojciechowski and Kathy Wetters every Tuesday at 9:30 AM for an enlightening and engaging program discussing various topics to help you and your family prepare for the Golden Years. We're taking your questions and visiting with experts about a wide range of topics important to today's seniors.

Each week, we will go in-depth on topics important to you. From finance and legal topics, to technology and healthy living tips we will cover it all. If you miss a show, don't worry; you can hear recordings from our previous shows posted right here each week following our broadcast.

Older Adults In a Post Covid-19 World

Top 10 Reasons to Use Right at Home: Part 2

Grief During covid-19

Our hosts Kathy Wetters and Jim Wojciechowski discuss various symptoms of grief and possible healing actions we can try during the current pandemic.

Coping With Staying Home During Covid-19

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Right at Home - Part 1

Top 5 of 10 reasons to use Right at Home during a Pandemic:

1. Comfort and security at home, being with familiar surroundings, knowing where everything is at an less stress
2. One on One Assistance. Our caregivers become friendly visitors.
3. Independence: Help with as much or a little as your like, you are in charge.
4. Flexibility: Low minimums, change schedules week to week, kick the tires and find out what's right for you.
5. We vet our staff very carefully. Background checks, licensed by IDPH, bonded and insured. All staff receive initial and ongoing training throughout the year.

Dementia Friendly Community Movement

1) What does it mean to be a Dementia Friendly Community?

-History of DFA

1)-Explain what a Dementia Friendly Community is

-Other Communities who are certified or becoming certified. Beginning with Elgin and now Tri-Cities. Mention others.

2) Why did both of you become involved with Dementia Friendly Movement?

-Identify challenges we see

-Not an opportunity to market our businesses but is a grassroots effort to support individuals with dementia and their caregivers.

3) Why did you decide to make this a Tri-City Initiative rather than a city specific movement?

-Communities share alot of the same resources.

-Operate as a cohesive economic unit

4) How does a community become Dementia Friendly?

- Steps involved (include memo, survey, letters of support from different sectors, letter from State Lead, memo regarding goals etc)

-Members/Sectors involved

-Where we are in the process (hoping to be approved by June)

-Projects include survey, focus groups, education

5) You mentioned education, can you expand on that?

-Community educational events

-Sector training for businesses (first responders, healthcare workers, restaurants, retail establishments, banks, financial advisors, attorneys to name a few)

6) What are some of the other resources available to those with dementia and their caregivers through Dementia Friendly Communities?

-Memory Café/Support Groups

-Library Programming


-Dementia Friendly Elgin flyer

7) What other programming are other Dementia Friendly Communities implementing?

-Sensory Gardens in Manteno

-Indiana restaurants

8) Can you give us an idea of how prevalent Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementias are in the community?

9) How can the community become involved?

-Become a member of one of the steering committees

- Participate in focus group

-Complete survey/assist in identifying challenges within our communities

-Attend our fundraiser-KCSR Kane County Cougars Game

-Add your name to our email list

10) How do our listeners get in touch with you for more information?

Guest Terri Channer - Barrington Area Council on Aging

Terri Channer Silver Solutions Radio

Guest Teresa Garcia-Fitzgerald - Astra Health

Guest Alan Hoffman - Oasis Senior Advisors


Phone: (630) 528-0226

Guest Kelly Jo Hinrichs from RLC Communities

Kelly Jo Hinrichs from RLC Communities was our guest today on the Silver Solutions Radio - WRMN 1410AM. She discussed the November opening of their new facility, Huntley Springs Retirement Resort in Huntley, IL.


Phone: (847) 961-4575

Denise Brown of

Guest Tia Bagan of The EAT Bar

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