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Dementia Friendly Community Movement

1) What does it mean to be a Dementia Friendly Community?

-History of DFA

1)-Explain what a Dementia Friendly Community is

-Other Communities who are certified or becoming certified. Beginning with Elgin and now Tri-Cities. Mention others.

2) Why did both of you become involved with Dementia Friendly Movement?

-Identify challenges we see

-Not an opportunity to market our businesses but is a grassroots effort to support individuals with dementia and their caregivers.

3) Why did you decide to make this a Tri-City Initiative rather than a city specific movement?

-Communities share alot of the same resources.

-Operate as a cohesive economic unit

4) How does a community become Dementia Friendly?

- Steps involved (include memo, survey, letters of support from different sectors, letter from State Lead, memo regarding goals etc)

-Members/Sectors involved

-Where we are in the process (hoping to be approved by June)

-Projects include survey, focus groups, education

5) You mentioned education, can you expand on that?

-Community educational events

-Sector training for businesses (first responders, healthcare workers, restaurants, retail establishments, banks, financial advisors, attorneys to name a few)

6) What are some of the other resources available to those with dementia and their caregivers through Dementia Friendly Communities?

-Memory Café/Support Groups

-Library Programming


-Dementia Friendly Elgin flyer

7) What other programming are other Dementia Friendly Communities implementing?

-Sensory Gardens in Manteno

-Indiana restaurants

8) Can you give us an idea of how prevalent Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementias are in the community?

9) How can the community become involved?

-Become a member of one of the steering committees

- Participate in focus group

-Complete survey/assist in identifying challenges within our communities

-Attend our fundraiser-KCSR Kane County Cougars Game

-Add your name to our email list

10) How do our listeners get in touch with you for more information?

Guest Terri Channer - Barrington Area Council on Aging

Terri Channer Silver Solutions Radio

Guest Teresa Garcia-Fitzgerald - Astra Health

Guest Alan Hoffman - Oasis Senior Advisors


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Guest Kelly Jo Hinrichs from RLC Communities

Kelly Jo Hinrichs from RLC Communities was our guest today on the Silver Solutions Radio - WRMN 1410AM. She discussed the November opening of their new facility, Huntley Springs Retirement Resort in Huntley, IL.


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Guest Tia Bagan of The EAT Bar

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