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Finding the Right Person

  • Are caregivers employees of the company you pay for care?
  • Does the company verify that caregivers can legally work in the United States?
  • Have all caregivers undergone rigorous criminal and abuse registry and reference background checks?
  • Are caregivers company trained before they are assigned to homes, and do they receive ongoing training?


  • Are social security, federal and state taxes, and unemployment insurance paid so the family is not legally responsible?
  • Is workers compensation insurance (or the equivalent) paid so the family is not legally responsible?
  • Is professional liability insurance for the caregiver paid so the family is protected?
  • Are the caregivers bonded/insured?

Quality of Care

  • Does the company conduct supervisory home visits to verify quality care is being provided?
  • Does the company provide qualified replacement care if the scheduled caregiver cannot make it?
  • Does the company develop a written care plan?
  • Does the company involve the family and provide feedback about care?
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