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Meet our Right at Home West Palm Beach Team

Kari Janes, Owner and President

“I believe many of us get to a point in our lives when we stop and ponder about how we can make a difference. I, myself, reflected upon times and the people who turned a challenging chapter into a memorable memory. The first time was when my mom was in hospice care. She had been battling cancer and I was really struggling with the whole process. I was only in my late twenties so none of my friends could relate to what I was dealing with. My mom’s caregiver, Julie, was incredible. She not only helped my mom be more comfortable but she was truly a pillar of strength and support to myself and the rest of my family. Although I lost my mom too early, I’ve been blessed with a grandmother who is 103 years old. She is a woman that I have loved and looked up to my entire life. Fortunately, she has been able to live in her home because of her wonderful caregiver. I’ve come to realize that during these critical times in your life, when friends don’t understand and family is too far away and busy to aid in day to day chores, that people who had previously been strangers, can become your shining light. Being part of Right At Home allows me the opportunity to provide the benefits of in-home care and introduce new and special relationships between caregivers and those we serve.”

kari janes

Kari Janes is the President and Owner of Right At Home in West Palm Beach, Florida. Prior to joining Right At Home, Kari worked with a group on Interventional Radiologists and Neuro Interventional Radiologists. While working with this company, she helped set up and run a vascular screening program to prevent strokes, heart attacks and amputations. In addition to the screening program, she developed and promoted a comprehensive DVT clinic at the facility and assisted in the development of the Obesity Clinic. She spent much of her time educating physicians and the general public on the benefits of minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Prior career experience has been focused on sales in marketing in the medical field, the software industry and in the investment business as a financial consultant. Kari and her husband Charlie have two daughters and two furry four legged children that are rescues named Chloe and Scout. During her free time she loves to play tennis, travel, and spend time with her family, friends and dogs. Kari embraces adventure, new opportunities and developing wonderful relationships along the way.

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