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Registered Nurse (RN)

Responsible for supervising care provided by home health aides and certified nursing assistants and ensuring services are provided in accordance with Agency policies and procedures and all other applicable procedures manuals, laws and relevant professional standards. May be full time or part time.

Registered Nurse (RN) Essential Functions

  • Supervises the care provided by home health aides and certified nursing assistants.
  • Conducts supervisory visits, with client’s permission, in client homes to ensure both companion and personal care clients are receiving home health aide services in accordance with the patient’s direction, approval, and agreement to pay the charge for the visits
  • Performs comprehensive subjective and objective admission and ongoing assessment of companion and personal care client status.
  • Formulates individualized plan of care that incorporates analysis of assessment data.
  • Provides skilled interventions aimed at achieving realistic outcomes within a specified time period.
  • Modifies and updates plan of care to reflect progress toward outcomes.
  • Consistently demonstrates competency with technical nursing skills according to legal scope of practice.
  • Implements teaching appropriate to the client’s needs.
    • Assesses knowledge level and identifies learning needs.
    • Plans, teaches, supervises, and counsels client and family regarding physical care, measures to promote improvement/recovery, symptom/complication management, expected disease progression, social/emotional care and community resources.
    • Evaluates effectiveness of teaching and modifies accordingly.
    • Promotes client/family autonomy.
  • Practices nursing with respect for individual, cultural, and spiritual differences.
  • Coordinates delivery of care along health care continuum utilizing Agency and community resources.
    • May assign selected portions of patient care to licensed practical nurses and home health aides but always retains the full responsibility for the care given and for making supervisory visits to the patient’s home
    • Integrates knowledge of community resources into plan of care.
    • Demonstrates working knowledge of internal and community resources.
    • Utilizes supplies, medications and equipment in a responsible and cost-effective manner to achieve desired outcomes.
    • Negotiates and collaborates with other health care providers to achieve expected outcomes of client care.
    • Assists client to access resources according to prioritized needs.
    • Assumes responsibility for safe and uninterrupted client care for assigned caseload.
  • Communicates effectively and in accordance with agency requirements.
    • Relays significant changes in status to physician and other members of the team in a time period consistent with client need.
    • Maintains client records showing systematic assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation.
    • Documents legibly and according to Right at Home documentation guidelines and accepted nursing standards.
  • Demonstrates teamwork and effective communication to accomplish client and agency goals/outcomes.
    • Attends and actively contributes to interdisciplinary team or other required meetings.
    • Shares area(s) of specialized expertise among and between teams. Initiates appropriate interdisciplinary referrals.
    • Participates in Quality Improvement activities.
  • Uses professional nursing judgment to delegate selected nursing tasks when determined safe and appropriate.
    • Supervises those to whom nursing functions have been delegated on an ongoing basis and in accordance with regulatory and Agency requirements.
    • Retains responsibility and authority for determining appropriateness of plan and implements corrective actions when necessary.
  • Promotes an awareness and utilization of Right at Home in a positive manner.
    • Applies knowledge of clinical and administrative policies and practice procedures as outlined in Right at Home policy and procedure manuals.
    • Communicates potential risk management issues appropriately.
    • Reports abuse or unsafe/illegal practice as required by law.

Additional (non-essential) Desired Functions

  • Participates in orientation
  • Participates in committees.
  • Participates in community relations activities such as health fairs.
  • Education, Experience Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Availability
  • Graduation from an accredited school of nursing and one year’s clinical experience within the past 5 years or completion of an accredited refresher course within the past 2 years.
  • Current State RN license.
  • Knowledge and ability to provide skilled nursing care as defined in the State Nurse Practice Act.
  • Current CPR Certification.
  • Use of an insured automobile and a valid driver’s license or access to adequate transportation.
  • Available for work on weekends and holidays as required.
  • Read, write, speak, and understand English as needed for the job.
  • Meets current health requirements to provide client care.

In-Service Training

Assumes responsibility for professional development and contributes to the professional growth of others. Participates in in-service education programs. (This requirement need not be met exclusively through agency sponsored in-service programs)

Working Conditions/Environment

Primarily works in clients’ place of residence, travel required. Shift or visit times and days vary with client needs.

The Agency cannot promise to provide you with a certain number of visits or hours in any given week. We cannot guarantee work close to your home or on a convenient public transportation line

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