Celebrating Matthew Tripp, Regional Caregiver of the Year 2021

Honoring Matthew Tripp, Regional Caregiver of the Year for 2021

Right at Home West Pasco celebrates Matthew Tripp, the 2021 Southeast Region Caregiver of the Year! Matthew embodies our mission by providing quality, consistent, and compassionate care. Even in the face of the pandemic, Matthew showed resilience. Not only did Matthew continue to work through the pandemic, but he frequently ensured that there was enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items in the client's home. If any items are running low, he would stop by the office to pick up the items needed. Matthew also volunteers to stay additional time with clients during hurricanes, so his clients are not alone during potentially stressful times.

Matthew is a military veteran and in retirement, he has volunteered time for Honor Flight at Home. Honor Flight is an organization that flies veterans to Washington DC to see war memorials; Honor Flight at Home is an event for veterans who are not well enough to make the trip. Matthew has showed from the start that being a positive person runs deep within his heart.

matt and debbie
"Matt came to Right at Home as an intern through our relationship with Marchman Technical College. We host individuals coming through the Patient Care Tech program and the students spend about 4 weeks shadowing our office team or observing in the field. Of all the individuals that came to us through Marchman, Matt was the one that left a lasting impression. He was professional, worked diligently, asked appropriate questions, and eager to help with whatever was needed. Matt brought a sense of humor to the office that took the edge off the most stressful days. Our office was involved with Honor Flight at Home. Matt served in the United States Army from 1986 to 1990; he was quick to ask if he could participate in the program as a Right at Home representative. Even before he was part of the team, he was part of our family!" - Michelle Curry, Administrator

As a mentor to new caregivers, Matthew makes sure they are prepared to provide quality care for all clients. He does this mentoring without hesitation as his primary focus is the care and comfort of all of our clients. He answers their questions and is there to support them how he can.

"Matt Tripp is a wonderful caregiver. He always watches out for my father and brings a good sense of humor, which dad enjoys. He is extremely attentive and keeps me informed as to how dad is doing. I feel comfortable with Matt taking dad in and out of car as we have had dad over to my place on the water for some outdoor fresh air looking at boats and the fish jump. Matt’s wife Debbie makes some homemade food for dad and I and Matt brings it over – yummy! Matt is not a bad cook either, he is watching out for what dad eats per dads’ doctors’ instructions. In short, we are very lucky to have Matt-dad is very comfortable with Matt-again we are lucky to have him." - son of client
"In Matt’s first year of employment, I saw him during my visit to a long-standing client. I had heard good reports from the family on how Matt was helping him with pool exercises. During my visit, the client was continually talking Matt up. This was unusual for two reasons. One, the client was one to offer constructive criticism more than praise and two, with his memory issues he had difficulty recalling names but knew Matt’s. Definitely, Matt was making a big impact on this client's quality of life." - Paul Lallanilla, Owner

Thank you, Matthew, for all you do for our clients, for mentoring and helping caregivers and above all being a caring and compassionate person! Congratulations on being the Southeast Region Caregiver of the Year 2021!

Paul Lallanilla
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