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Average Daily Cost of Senior Care in the Westchester County, NY area:

(source: Genworth Study 2017)

Home Care (Certified Home Health Aide)


Assistance with cooking meals, laundry, medication reminders, personal care, companionship. If you use less than 6 hours, your cost will be lower.


Assisted Living Facility

$350 (base cost)

This is the 'entry level' of care. Extra time and services will increase daily rate.

nursing home

Nursing Home


No flexibility in rate, most expensive.

Cost Effective Home Care in the Westchester County, NY area

Our trained staff can help you navigate the cost of home care and show you how you and your family can save money on senior care services. Our RightCare services are competitively priced for the Westchester County area, so whether you need hourly, live-in or more demanding services, we can provide the best care at prices that save your family time and money.

How Do You Pay for Home Care?

Private pay and long-term care insurance are the primary payment sources for in-home care. We currently do not accept Medicare or Medicaid; however, if these are your only options we can make a referral to an agency who can accept those payment sources. Learn more about payment options.

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