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Caregiver Appreciation

We Appreciate Our Caregivers for the Hard Work and Dedication They Show Our Senior Clients.

Right at Home Wilmington's mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We succeed through teamwork and having the best caregivers in the industry. Their professionalism, training, compassion and commitment to our clients and their families is unparalleled and we appreciate all they do. Every year, every month, every day we appreciate our outstanding Caregivers who are going above and beyond to create an amazing experience for our clients in the Wilmington area.

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Caregiver Adrienne Thompson Caregiver Adrienne Thompson
Adrienne Thompson

We are delighted to recognize Adrienne Thompson as our Caregiver of the Month for her unwavering commitment and dedication to her clients. Since joining us, Adrienne has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with her clients and their families, ensuring they feel heard and cared for.

Adrienne's empathetic approach and genuine care have made a significant impact on the lives of those she serves. Her dedication to providing exceptional service and her ability to create meaningful connections are truly inspiring.

Congratulations, Adrienne! Your commitment to excellence and your heartfelt approach to caregiving make you an invaluable part of our team. Thank you for all that you do.

Caregiver Alicia Harris Caregiver Alicia Harris
Alicia Harris

We are proud to announce Alicia Harris as our Caregiver of the Month for her exceptional client care. Since joining Right at Home in 2017, Alicia has consistently demonstrated unwavering compassion and empathy, making a profound impact on both clients and colleagues.

Alicia is renowned for her calming presence, which brings comfort and reassurance to those in her care. Her dedication to going the extra mile is truly commendable, always ensuring that each client's needs are met with the utmost care and attention.

Congratulations, Alicia! Your commitment to excellence and your heartfelt approach to caregiving inspire us all. Thank you for your outstanding contributions and for making Right at Home a better place for everyone.

Caregiver Kayden Caregiver Kayden

Let's give a round of applause to Kayden for being named Caregiver of the Month! We are incredibly grateful for her outstanding contributions in helping Right at Home fulfill our mission of improving the quality of life for those we serve. Kayden is celebrated not only for her exceptional caregiving skills but also for her unwavering work ethic. Kayden consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are safe, supported, and cared for in mind, body, and soul.

Caregiver Cameo Scott Caregiver Cameo Scott
Cameo Scott

Congratulations to Cameo Scott, our caregiver of the month!  Cameo is known for her infectious smile and her sunny disposition.  Here are just a few of the client testimonials we have received about Cameo:  "I could have cried when I saw Cameo at the door.  I feel so safe with her!"  And this one, " My mother just seems to have such a better day when Cameo is there."  In the office, we often use her documentation for staff training because she is thorough and professional.  Right at Home and our clients are all lucky she's on our team!

Caregiver Morgan Bush Caregiver Morgan Bush
Morgan Bush

Congratulations to Morgan Bush, our Caregiver of the Month! Morgan joined the Right at Home Wilmington team 4 months ago after working in the Raleigh RAH office. She's really made her mark in a short period of time. Her clients look forward to her visits, and their families appreciate Morgan's professionalism and dedication to her clients. She has become someone that they can all count on to provide excellent care and meaningful engagement, and she's developed strong relationships with her families. Strong work, Morgan!

Caregiver Amanda Hossley Caregiver Amanda Hossley
Amanda Hossley

Congratulations to our January Caregiver of the Month, Amanda! Amanda joined Right at Home in September 2023, and she's already making her mark. All of her clients really enjoy her, and she's also making a huge difference in the lives of the family members of her clients by providing peace of mind for them.

Amanda is a CNA and is currently in nursing school. She hopes to be a trauma RN some day.

When we asked her why she chooses to work with Right at Home she said, "Because y'all really do feel like family. I've never been excited about going to work before, but I am with this job!"

Caregiver Antoinette (Toni) Colbert Caregiver Antoinette (Toni) Colbert
Antoinette (Toni) Colbert

Antoinette (Toni) Colbert recently celebrated her 2-year anniversary with Right at Home. When we asked her why she chooses to work as a caregiver out of all the choices she has for her career, she said, "It's my calling. It's what I do!" When we asked Toni why she chooses to work with Right at Home she said, "They're cool people!" We think she's pretty cool, too!

Caregiver Pamela Austin Caregiver Pamela Austin
Pamela Austin

Congratulations to Pamela Austin, our Caregiver of the Month! Pamela has also just celebrated her 1-year anniversary with Right at Home (Wilmington, NC)! Pam is known for being very dependable and adaptable. Whether she is providing companionship and conversation or total bedbound care, Pam gives 100% each and every time. She has relationships with her clients that are based on trust and respect, and they look forward to her daily visits with them. We're so glad to have you on board, Pam! Happy Anniversary and thanks for being our Caregiver of the Month!

Caregiver Janice K. Caregiver Janice K.
Janice K.

Congratulations to our Caregiver of the Month, Janice K.! Since joining the Right at Home team in May 2021, Janice has faithfully provided care for the same client for 40 hours per week, week after week. She is extremely dedicated, working nights, weekends, holidays. She's become an integral part of her client's care team, and provides peace of mind for her client's family who live long-distance.

When we asked Janice why she chooses to work for Right at Home, she said, "It feels like home here...I feel like we're a family."

Caregiver Mary Font Caregiver Mary Font
Mary Font

Mary has been with Right at Home for 2 years.  Her clients love her sense of humor and fun personality-sometimes they even dress alike!  It's always going to be a good day when Mary is on duty.  Mary's client's families love her dependability and dedication. We're very happy to have her as part of the Right at Home Team!

Caregiver Daenette J (DJ) Caregiver Daenette J (DJ)
Daenette J.

Big congratulations going out to Daenette J., or "DJ" as she is know by at the office! She's our caregiver of the month! Daenette joined the RAH Wilmington team in February and has already been making her mark with our clients and caregivers. Once she visits a client 1 time, we know we are going to get a call in the office saying, "Please send her back to me!" And she's always willing to mentor a fellow caregiver, whether it's helping orient a caregiver with a new client, or showing a caregiver how to use a specific type of equipment. Everyone she works with appreciates her calm, confident demeanor. Our scheduler LOVES that Daenette is always willing to pick up shifts! And we all appreciate her dedication and passion for helping others! Congratulations on your achievement, DJ!

Caregiver Isha Reed Caregiver Isha Reed
Isha R.

Huge congratulations go out to Isha Reed, our Caregiver of the Month for March!  Isha was nominated for the award because she embraces our core values of Teamwork, Trust and Accountability  and it shows in everything she does regarding client care.  Isha is a passionate advocate for her client and works well with the staff at the facility where her client lives. She has developed trusting relationships with her client and her client's family.  Her client sits by the door and waits for her arrival every afternoon!

Isha says she most enjoys caring for people who are living with Dementia.  When we asked her to explain she said, "I think about life.  They make me think about life, and it reminds me that life can go any way.  You never know, and you have to be grateful."

Not only is Isha an advocate for her clients, but she is an advocate in our community, as well.  She has worked with victims of human trafficking, has helped people get job training and support, and has been a community outreach coordinator, working to help connect people with the resources they need.

Thanks for sharing some of your joy with us, Isha!

Caregiver Wall of Fame 2023

Congratulations to our Caregivers of the Month for 2023!
The Wall of Fame - Caregivers of the Month for 2023 The Wall of Fame - Caregivers of the Month for 2023

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