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caregiverJanice Scott joined Right at Home Winchester as a Personal Care Aide (PCA) in 2017. She is outgoing and kind and often has keen observations that make her a superb caregiver for seniors.

Like many people who became an aide to serve others, Janice chose to work in aging care because she believes that our seniors deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. She takes each one of her clients seriously and treats them like her family.

Two incidents in particular gave a clear illustration of Janice’s dedication to her clients.

When she observed that a client was listless and off routine with both eating and napping, Janice urged her to visit urgent care immediately. The client turned out to be having a cardiac event and was sent immediately to the hospital. Fortunately, the symptoms were discovered early—the client received medical attention right away and is now home safe with a new care plan.

On another occasion, Janice arrived at a veteran client’s home to find him non-responsive. The client lives alone and has no family nearby; on the day of the incident, he happened to have taken too much blood pressure medication to trigger a medical emergency. Janice was quick to check the client’s blood pressure and found that it was critically low. She made a split-second decision to call an ambulance. His condition eventually stabilized in the hospital.

At the worst moments of her clients’ life, Janice remained calm and quick to respond. Her observant eye and profound experience are invaluable to the health, safety and well-being of our senior clients. We would like to take the opportunity of Women’s Day to recognize Janice for providing exceptional care for our elderly clients. We are very proud to have Janice on our team!

Pete Lawrence
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