2021 Regional Caregiver of the Year Wilma Reed

Honoring Wilma Reed, Regional Caregiver of the Year for 2021

Wilma Reed has received the East Central Regional Caregiver of the Year award for 2021! All of us at Right at Home Winston-Salem are very excited to celebrate Wilma. Caregiving is a passion and truly comes first in life for Wilma. She believes helping clients make the most of their lives each day to be happy and exciting, and the best it can be is her goal with her clients. Wilma has not skipped a beat during the pandemic, and she has even stepped up from amazing to beyond amazing, often working 7 days a week! We look out for Wilma to not over due and to care for herself first. Her heart and compassion for what she does shines through in every thought and deed.

Wearing her Right at Home nametag and apparel almost daily, Wilma takes the time to share with neighbors and those in stores who ask what is Right at Home. She has referred caregivers to us with a very high bar of only those who have passion for caregiving and the profession. When Wilma is working in a facility, we often receive referrals from our families who have seen her caring for our clients. She is quick to recommend Right at Home to families looking for our services.

wilma reed
"We appreciate Wilma. She sits with my mom once or twice a month. My mom has dementia and Wilma has provided great care and service for a few years. She is always been there for my mom and provides good quality care." - Son of client

Wilma's heart and passion for mentoring fellow caregivers is generous and selfless. She is the first to say "yes" when asked for last minute shifts and is always ready to leads and step up to train, orient and mentor new caregivers with knowledge and insight about clients and how best to care/interact and engage to accomplish daily tasks and goals.

"Wilma was so incredible. She was totally all encompassing. She was the best caregiver my husband and I ever had. She would always ask how he was last night. She wanted to know how he was progressing one way or another. She made me feel so comfortable about trusting him in her care. She also made me feel so good about the care I was giving him in the evening. I never worried about her. She would sit with him and talk for hours or watch TV. They were quite a pair... my husband was quite a conversationalist. She had qualities that I admired. Nothing ever flustered Wilma. There were so many things that she did, so many things. She allowed him to remain social and be with his friends. She would travel with him to visit friends and let him maintain all the activities that he enjoyed. She exercised with him, played cards, and kept him active. Her care allowed him to maintain and do the things that he enjoyed. She worked on things to help with his cognitive skills. She talked with him intelligentially. She helped him eat and made sure he would eat all he that he could to remain healthy. She was a great counselor and ask how I was doing. She was just amazing, and I miss her very much!" - Spouse of previous client

Thank you, Wilma, for all you do for our clients, for mentoring and helping caregivers and above all being a caring and compassionate person! Congratulations on being the East Central Region Caregiver of the Year 2021!

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