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The Real Heroes: Our Caregivers

Each month Right at Home Winston-Salem recognizes two caregivers as our Heroes of the Month. These caregivers go above and beyond in doing their jobs. They have proven that they are dependable and maintain a positive attitude with clients and staff. We appreciate all our caregivers and we believe it all starts at our home, Right at Home.

Our Latest Caregiver Heroes

Congratulations to the April Heroes of the Month!

Conchita Miller

Congratulations to Conchita on being selected as our April Hero of the Month. The family of our client said, "We really like Conchita and she is super friendly. She is great at her job and is very attentive, gentle, and caring."

Conchita hero of the month april

Amber Coots

amber hero of the month april

Amber is an amazing caregiver. Our client said, "Amber was with my mom the last night I was home. She was a kind and mindful person. We appreciate her gifts and care of our mother." Congratulations to Amber!

Congratulations to the March Heroes of the Month!

Kaci Benson

Congratulations to Kaci Benson for being selected as our March Hero of the Month. Kaci always arrives at her shifts on time, has had no call-outs for assigned shifts, and doesn’t mind accepting last-minute shifts. Kaci’s client stated, “she is always cheerful and comes in with a smile on her face.” We are happy for Kaci to be part of our Right at Home family. Congrats!

kaci hero of the month March

Nykiyah Anthony

Nykiyah hero of the month March

Nykiyah’s client stated, “she is a hard worker, she knows what needs to be done without having to be asked, and she and her husband (the client) look forward to Nykiyah coming each week.” Nykiyah Anthony was selected to be our March Hero of the Month because she is dependable, compassionate, and is very caring for her clients. Congratulations, Nykiyah! We appreciate you!

Congratulations to the February Heroes of the Month!

Rhonda Harris

Rhonda was chosen to be our Hero of the month due to always being willing to help with last-minute shifts and for being a strong team player. She joined the Right at Home staff on November 21, 2019. Rhonda goes above and beyond with all her clients and has a lot of compassion for all her clients.

Few of the Praises of Rhonda’s Care:

“Rhonda is very engaging with our mother, running dialog and conversations about whatever activity is going on. They enjoy things together. Rhonda meets Gloria “where she is” and treats her as an equal, an adult, a friend and takes charge as a leader when Gloria needs help or guidance to keep up with the routines of the day. Her attention to detail is exceptional. From the start, she worked hard to understand the needs of both Gloria and the household.”


Evelyn Frazier


Evelyn was chosen to be our Hero of the Month for no-call outs, picking up last-minute shifts and for also being a strong team player. Evelyn started her Right at Home career on December 11, 2018. She shows compassion for her clients and always makes sure her client’s needs are met.

A Few of the Praises of Evelyn’s Care:

“Evelyn is willing to do the things that matter to her clients. She is very prompt and always on time. Evelyn makes good use of the time giving to her client. She will look for things to do such as make the bed, laundry, etc. while client is getting ready for her day. Evelyn is always dressed very nice and is ready for the day.”

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