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Our Mission: To improve the quality of life of those we serve.

Our goal is the keep people in their lives as long as possible with the highest quality of life possible. Beyond ourselves and our office we have an ever expanding network of like-minded professionals. Beyond our well developed resource links we are cultivating stronger relationships with elder care providers specifically in the Winston-Salem area.

Our network of providers continues to grow. We trust that these resources will prove beneficial to you. Our current network includes the items listed below:

  • Adult Day Care

    A unique service that keeps social interaction as a vital part of both mental and physical health.

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  • Assisted Living
    When independent living isn't an option assisted living offers many of the beneficial aspects of independent living with the support of a helpful and supportive community built around your needs.
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  • Community Resources for Seniors and Older Adults
    The Winston-Salem community offers a host of resources.
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  • Elder Law
    Financial and estate preparations when considering senior assistance are a vital, but often overlooked topics.
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  • Eldercare Consultants
    Eldercare consultants are available to help you navigate the many decisions that aging presents. They are available to provide assistance for the seen and unforeseen questions you have.
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  • Eldercare Physicians
    A network of physicians specializing the topics you care about most. Their training is specifically tailored to handle aging needs.
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  • Home Care
    Helping you age in place. Providing the assistance in home that you need to stay home.
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  • Home Health Care
    Making the care available to you that could be the difference between being in a hospital or being home. Ranging from medical to emotional care home health care is available to help any need you might need.
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  • Hospice
    Dealing with terminal illness or the end stages of life is exceedingly taxing. The trails of these times don't need to be faced alone.
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  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
    It can be difficult to know where the best place to acquire medical equipment such as mobility assistance, syringes, or bandages can be difficult. Remove the difficulty of finding the best place by using our network.
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  • Nursing Homes
    Transitioning into a nursing home is difficult. Finding the nursing home that best fits your needs is even tougher. Let us help you find the right nursing home.
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  • Paying for Care
    Paying for health care is the broadest topic of care, but often remains a topic not discussed. Further your understanding of what questions to ask and the assistance you have for paying for care.
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  • Retirement Homes
    The information and resources you need to help you make the right choice of retirement home. Our resources, your benefit.
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