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Meet Our Home Care Canine Companions

Right at Home Woodstock Therapy Dogs in Training Thelma and Louise,dressed in their 2018 Halloween Costumes

Thelma and Louise, pug therapy-dogs-in-training, in their Halloween costumes

Through her past work as an activity and wellness director at a senior community, Right at Home owner Lori Bochat realized how hard it was to get therapy dogs to visit and how beneficial it was for the residents.  She was inspired to find and train some dogs for her home care agency in serving seniors in north central Georgia. 

Lori and her husband, Doug had been pug lovers for 13 years and fell in love with how lap friendly pugs are, so when considering which type of dogs they'd like for their agency, they chose two female pugs they found through AKCBreeder.net. Their children and grandchildren helped provide names for the pair, suggesting Thelma for the larger of the two dogs, and Louise for the smaller pug.  

Thelma and Louise were born May 2018 and began obedience training recently.  When they reach a year old they may be eligible to be certified as therapy dogs.

Thelma and Louise graduated from obedience training school at Petco Woodstock in December 2018. They will continue their education in becoming therapy dogs with Right at Home Woodstock and be able to visit homes, communities, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

The goal is for the furry companions to be therapy dogs, or kind of professional lap dogs, who will visit in senior living communities to enjoy meeting residents and sharing affection with them. 

"(They have) sweet faces when they look at you. Feels like they see directly into your heart!"

-Lori Bochat, talking about her favorite times with Thelma and Louise

Currently, on most days, you can find Thelma and Louise with Lori greeting visitors to the Right at Home office in Woodstock. They also often join Lori out at community events and festivals.   

You can see more photos and videos of Thelma and Louise out and about on the Right at Home Woodstock Facebook page

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